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Stay warm on the run with this winter’s jacket trend

If you thought winter was over, the weather this week has proven otherwise. Stay warm on your long runs with a new trend we’ve spotted across several of running’s most popular brands. Heavy jackets are in and the ones featured this week are mighty enough to have triathletes outfitted for cold Canadian winter runs.

New Balance Heat Hybrid Jacket, $179.99

NB_Heat_Hybrid_Jacket-1Why we love it: This jacket is water resistant and well insulated without being too heavy. It’s got the padding to keep runners cozy but only where it needs it. New Balance leaves panels on the sides, under the arms and on the upper back stripped down to just the necessary shell. If there’s one thing runners don’t need, it’s insulation on the areas which tend to sweat the most.

Best feature: The panel that runs from the wrist all the way along the side of the body to the waist is a single, non-insulated layer which keeps armpits ventilated and doesn’t restrict arm movement when running.

Saucony Aerospacer Hoodie, U.S. $140.00Aerospace_hoodie

Why we love it: It’s warm enough to keep the body warm despite winter snowfalls yet it’s a realistic weight. It’s fleece-lined, has zip pockets, has double-paneled cuffs with the thumb hole and its hood is designed to fit secure so it won’t flap in the wind. On top of all that, it’s water-resistant and made with thermal materials to keep heat in.

Best feature: It’s tough to say what’s better: the fasteners at the neck to keep things in place, or its overall style. This one is good enough to pair with almost anything or to double up as casual wear.

Brooks_Seattle_Shell_Brooks Men’s Seattle Shell, $260.00

Why we love it: It’s made from the brand’s DriLayer Super Seal fabric. In other words, when you’re running in a near blizzard conditions, it’s going to be your best bet. Brooks brings runners this option which is both waterproof and windproof. It’s also got a hood which zips into the collar as well as zipper vents under the arms for days when warmer temperatures call for that extra breath-ability.

Best feature: Fitted hand wraps, fitted hood and an adjustable waist band.

2XU Element Insulation Jacket, $270.002XU_insulation_

Why we love it: There’s much to love about this jacket. For runners who like to have the option of running with a hood, this won’t bounce around or fall off the head when confronted by gusty winds. The hood fits snug to the head and can be adjusted with the inner drawstring. This jacket is padded, filled with the brand’s RADIANT FIL material– a technical fabric designed for extra insulation. The good thing is that the brand doesn’t go overboard with stuffing this outer layer. They leave room to breathe and wiggle with their non-padded panels under the arms.

Best feature: The fusion welded pockets keep items dry and safely secured.

Asics_Storm_ShelterAsics Storm Shelter Jacket, $169.99

Why we love it: Asics places the seams strategically on this model meaning that runners won’t find their movement restricted when trying to up the speed. This one is water repellent and wind repellent with seams sealed shut and 360-degree reflective detailing. Basically, it will keep you warm, dry and visible all through winter’s dark and stormy days (hence the name “storm shelter”).

Best feature: Its sealed seams mean it’s more durable and better able to stand up to whatever winter throws at you.

Nike Therma Sphere Max, $220.00Nike_Therma_Sphere-283x300

Why we love it: It fits snug and slim, has deep pockets big enough for smartphones, credit cards, keys or whatever else you want to bring out on the run. With this jacket, Nike gives runners a warm but durable outer layer that will wick away sweat but keep runners’ body heat close with its three-layer composite fabric.

Best feature: The slim fit is flattering while keeping body heat in.