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Shoe Review: Limited-edition Asics Metarun

MetaRun (1)

Triathletes who run in ASICS should check out their newly released MetaRun shoe, their highest tech shoe to date.

Made with five new technologies (all of which ASICS has patented) and proven to be 55 per cent lighter than the industry standard, the MetaRun is a limited-edition running shoe and a result of ASICS’ developers getting a chance to design and create without any limitations.

Asics_Metarun_Though the shoe is limited to 60,000 pairs and expected to sell out by the end of December (the launch was Nov. 28), the five new technologies are ones which the brand plans to use in their future models.

For the holiday season, triathletes have a chance to get their hands on the highly efficient black shoe with gold trim. The women’s version is lined in dusty pink. The are going online for US $250.

How did the shoe come about? The goal was to stay ahead of other major players in the industry.

“We challenged our team of experts at ASICS Institute of Sport Science to develop a shoe that transcends current design limitations and ensures our future success,” said ASICS CEO Motoi Oyama in a press release. “MetaRun is our most technologically-advanced shoe ever and marks a significant breakthrough for ASICS. I am delighted that our team has raised the bar higher than ever before to set a new standard for long-distance running footwear.”

So what exactly makes this shoe so special? The new technologies and their uses are as follows:

FlyteFoam: This new material is what gives runners cushioning in the midsole. It’s 55 per cent lighter than other industry standard cushioning found in the sole. For runners who love that bouncy, foamy feel in their step, they will love the feel of this underfoot. It is also designed to bounce back after every step so runners are supported just as much in their first and final kilometres.

AdaptTruss: Fund on the bottoms of the shoe, the AdaptTruss is what gives runners stability without compromising flexiility. Runners should notice reduced impact on the feet as they run.

Heel Metaclutch: The memory foam that ASICS has built into the heels of this shoe will clutch the ankle bone and fit to a runner’s exact shape. That means shoes won’t be slipping off at the heels mid-run.

Jacquard Mesh: Designers in the lab created this one to fit like a glove, provide maximum breathability to runners and increased flexibility. This one-layer mesh should decrease friction between the foot and the shoe meaning a smaller chance of getting small cuts and blisters.

X-Gel: This cushioning material is intended not only to be more efficient than previous ones but ASICS says that they have placed it more precisely to accommodate runners’ needs.