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Rev3 Costa Rica goes Sunday

Update: Penticton's Jeff Symonds is out of the race.

Revolution 3 Costa Rica gets going this Sunday with the Olympic Rev (6 am CST) and Half Rev (6:30 am).

The professionals will race the Olympic Rev for the $25 000 US prize purse.

Penticton’s Jeff Symonds pulled out of the race on Saturday night. He tweeted the following:

“1/2 Had to make a really tough decision tonight to not race at @REV3TRI CR tomorrow. I’ve been struggling this past week with an injury…”

“2/2 and feel I would be jeopardizing my season. I’m really dissapointed to not be out there mxing it up with a great group of guys.”

Rev 3 has started their pre-race coverage at Rev3 Live.

You will find more interviews like the one below at Rev3 Live.


Here is the list of professionals competing on Sunday:

Pro Men

Jeff Symonds (CA) will not race due to injury

Allen Gardner (US)

Brian Fleischmann (US)

Cameron Dye (US)

Chris Baird (US)

Chris Foster (US)

Eric Limkemann (US)

Ivan Kalashnikov (RU)

Jason Smith (US)

Jesse Thomas (US)

Leo Chacon (CR)

Manny Huerta (US)

Michael Poole (NZ)

Peter Bajai (HU)

Richie Cunningham (AU)

Roger Rodriguez (CR)

Pro Women

Amanda Felder (US)

Bree Wee (US)

Brianna Blachard (US)

Emily Cocks (US)

Erin Spitler (US)

Jacqui Gordon (US)

Kate Major (AU)

Lauren Goss (US)

Malaika Homo (US)

Megan Riepma (US)

Nicole Kelleher (US)

Sarah Gray (US)

Teresa Nelson (US)