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Rev 3 Cedar Point Results

The top Canadians are.....

South African James Cunnama used a 2:43:35 marathon to top Australian Jason Shortis to take the win at Rev 3 Cedar Point. He crossed the line in 8:21:28 just 3:24 ahead of Shortis to claim the $16 000 first place prize. The USA’s Amy Marsh dominated the women’s race. The Texan’s finish time of 9:15:40 was well ahead of fellow American Jessica Jacobs (9:28:35).
Victoria’s Adam O’Meara was the fastest Canuck in 12th (9:12:21), while Nicole Van Buerden grabbed 11th on the women’s side (10:46:16). Hamilton’s Julie Martens finished an impressive third in the 35-39 age group (12:36:44). Guelph’s Michael Hay was fifth in the 40-44 category (10:00:16), and Oakville’s Tyler Lord made some rookie mistakes during the last half of the bike and  finished 26th (10:16:37) in his iron distance debut.

“I really enjoyed the distance and am still learning how to race it. I can tell you it is not like a 70.3 race. This takes knowing your body and keeping it below the limits because if not you end up like me,” said Lord on his blog. “I have no excuses or reasons for doing what I did. I went out to race, learned the hard way and won’t do it again (not sticking to his plan). This being said, I’m heading to Ironman Florida. No messing around this time.”

Top 5 Men

1. James Cunnama (RSA) 8:21:28

2. Jason Shortis (AUS) 8:24:52

3. David Thompson (USA) 8:36:40

4. Keegan Williams (NZL) 8:37:37

5. Zack Ruble (USA) 8:40:37

12. Adam O’Meara (Victoria, BC) 9:12:21

20. Michael Hay (Guelph, ON) 10:00:16 5th 40-44

26. Tyler Lord (Oakville, ON) 10:16:37

Top 5 Women

1. Amy Marsh (USA) 9:15:40

2. Jessica Jacobs (USA) 9:28:35

3. Kathleen Calkins (USA) 9:31:37

4. Sam Warriner (NZL) 9:37:36

5. Lauren Harrison (USA) 9:37:55

11. Nicole Van Buerden (St. Catherines, ON) 10:46:16

30. Julie Martens (Hamilton, ON)  12:36:44 3rd 35-39