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Results from the Inaugural Challenge Vichy

Bayliss and Marsh earn victories.

With his wife (Bella Bayliss) and newborn baby in attendance, Great Britain’s Stephen Bayliss swam 50:21, biked 4:36:28, and won a run battle (taking the lead for good at the 28km mark) with a 3:14:49 marathon to win the inaugural Challenge Vichy title in 8:45:29.

American Amy Marsh led from start to finish. She swam 55:23 swim, biked 5:04:15, and under no pressure from behind she cruised in to the finish with a 3:41:24 run to win in 9:44:56.


1. Stephen Bayliss (GBR)  8:45:29

2. Teemu Lemmettyla (FIN)  8:49:42

3. Jaimie Whyte (NZL)  8:52:21

4. Edouard Entraygues (FRA)  9:19:09

5. Alberto Roviera (ITA)  9:21:36


1. Amy Marsh (USA)  9:44:56

2. Juliette Benedicto (FRA)  10:01:59

3. Jana Candrova (CZE)  10:12:14

4. Fiona Ford (AUS)  10:42:22

5. Lionele Baroux (FRA)  10:49:36

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