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Results from the 26th Esprit Triathlon

Smith and Quesnel win.

Here are the top 3 results from the 26th Esprit Triathlon in Montreal. Pre-race favourite, Rick Hellard had to drop out of the race. Eddy Smith of Ottawa picked up the win in 9:44:12, and Mylene Quesnel of Orleans won the wonen’s race in 10:58:24.

More to come in the magazine issue.

Esprit Top 3


1. Eddy SMITH (Ottawa, ON)  9:44:12 M40-44

2. Jason SCHREER (Potsdam, USA)  9:50:34 M40-44

3. Xavier CANY (Montreal, QC)  9:58:47 M35-39


1. Mylene QUESNEL (Orleans, ON)  10:58:24 W30-34

2. Darcia KMET (Ottawa, ON)  11:19:51 W40-44

3. Nicole LABRECQUE (St-Romuald, QC)  11:21:51 W50-54

Demi-Esprit Top 3


1. Patrice HAMELIN (Ste-Foy, QC)  3:57:06 EliteM

2. Chuck PERREAULT (St-Sauveur, QC)  4:00:41 EliteM

3. Andrew TANNER (La Prairie, QC)  4:12:25 EliteM


1. Natalie GROVES (Montreal, QC)  4:32:37 W35-39

2. Mireille RODRIGUE (Sherbrooke, QC)  4:37:59 EliteW

3. Lauren SAUNDERS (Waterdown, ON)  4:43:13 W18-24