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Results from Ironman South Africa

Victories for Spain's Alonso-McKernan and Switzerland's Badmann.

Spain’s Clemente Alonso-McKernan and Switzerland’s Natascha Badmann won today’s 8th edition of Ironman South Africa.

Alonso-McKernan led the swim 54:53, lost the lead to Germany’s Andi Boecherer during the bike, but passed Boecherer during the run with the top marathon of the day (2:46:15) to take the win in 8:34:45. France’s Cyril Viennot followed next for second (8:41:48), and Switzerland’s Mike Aigroz claimed third (8:46:04).

After a dismal 1:14:43 swim, the six-time Ironman World Champion rode the top split of 5:14:55, then added the fastest run of 3:12:02 to earn her fourth Ironman South Africa title by a 4 minute and 34 second margin (9:47:10). Fellow Swiss athlete Simone Braendli took second (9:52:26), and Germany’s 3. Diana Riesler finished third (10:01:14).

Pro Men

Pro Women

1. Clemente Alonso-Mckernan ESP 08:34:45

2. Cyril Viennot FRA 08:41:48

3. Mike Aigroz SUI 08:46:04

4. Markus Fachbach GER 08:57:21

5. Trevor Delsout FRA 09:03:03

1. Natascha Badmann SUI 09:47:10

2. Simone Braendli SUI 09:52:26

3. Diana Riesler GER 10:01:14

4. Dianne Mcewan RSA 10:07:55

5. Susan Dietrich GER 10:08:02