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Results from Ironman 70.3 Racine

Jessica Jacobs and Marko Albert earn victories.

Racing just a few hours from home in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Jessica Jacobs started with a 31:48 swim that put her in ninth, she then rode (2:22:46 – top split) her way up to the leaders and ran a race best 1:27:26 to win by six minutes and two seconds (4:26:04).


1. Jacobs, Jessica USA 4:26:04

2. Griesbauer, Dede USA 4:32:06

3. Sym, Christie AUS 4:33:10

4. Andrews, Kristin USA 4:33:22

5. Arendt, Jackie USA 4:33:53

Estonia’s Marko Albert posted a balanced attack in all three sports (23:04 swim, 2:10:19 bike, and 1:22:35 run) to win (3:59:23) by two minutes and forty-one seconds.

Three-time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander showed that he too can have a bad day but he continued to race and finished 13th (4:16:32).

“Terrible race for me in Racine today. Legs very flat. I swear I was passed by a traffic cone. Congrats to the Estonian Express,” tweeted Alexander.


1. Albert, Marko EST 3:59:23

2. Ambrose, Paul USA 4:02:04

3. Reed, Tim AUS 4:04:27

4. Lampe, Joseph AUS 4:04:54

5. Stallard, Shanon NZL 4:06:48