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Registration opens soon for revived Wildflower Triathlon

The race makes a highly anticipated return in 2018 after missing out this year.

In May, it was announced that the iconic Wildflower Triathlon would return in 2018. Registration for the “Woodstock of triathlon” race opens in just a few days time, on September 19 at 8:00 A.M. on the race’s website. Next year’s race will be the 35th edition of the beloved multisport event, which takes place May 4-6th at Lake San Antonio in Central California.

“The “Woodstock of Triathlon” will resume with the iconic festival environment participants have grown to love and there will be enhancements to the “Wildflower Experience” enjoyed by friends, family and racers alike.

“We are very grateful to be bringing Wildflower back to the triathlon community for 2018,” said Terry Davis Wildflower Triathlon Founder and Race Director. “The absence of the race in 2017 was a loss to all of us and the outpouring of support and encouragement has really motived us to continue. It has also given us the opportunity to take a look at the events and how we can even make them better.”

Wildflower has partnered with Motiv Sports to ensure this beloved weekend of events flourishes for 2018 and into the future. Led by Race Directors Terry Davis and Colleen Bousman, the team will be keeping the tradition of the festival atmosphere alive and additional events, entertainment and activities will be incorporated into the weekend to expand the “Wildflower Experience.” The goal is to once again put on a superior triathlon weekend combined with lifestyle events such as music and wine tasting for athletes, friends and family to enjoy.

“It is an honor to be partnered with Terry, Colleen and the dedicated team behind the Wildflower Triathlon,” said Chris Colón President and Founder of Motiv Sports. “Bringing back such an iconic event is aligned with our mission to support and innovate the best local experiences in the world.  These events are successful due to the people behind them and Terry and Colleen have grown Wildflower into a ‘must do’ event for every triathlete.”

The Wildflower Triathlon began in 1983 at Lake San Antonio in Central California and was not held in 2017 for the first time in 35 years due to drastically lowered lake levels suffered from five years of drought. Attributed to consistent rain across central California and unseasonable high winter snowfall in the Sierra Nevada’s Lake San Antonio is now within 5 percent of its maximum depth. This level ensures a quality swim course and start from the Lynch Campground boat ramp where swimmers have traditionally entered the water.

“Wildflower represents the soul of triathlon, the feeling, environment, and community that best represents the sport. I’m so excited to come back to this race and reconnect with the people involved, and the course itself,” shared Jesse Thomas Professional Triathlete and 6-Time Defending Wildflower Long Course Champion. “It’s hard for me to understate the importance of Wildflower in the launch and development of my career. I literally wouldn’t have the opportunities I have today as a professional without this race.”

In addition to Jesse Thomas past winners Liz Lyles and Heather Jackson have confirmed they will be racing Wildflower in 2018 and professional triathletes from around the world have already voiced their excitement about the race returning in 2018. Registration for all of the Wildflower distances opens on September 19th at 8:00 am PST at www.wildflowertriathlon.com. All lodging details and more information about the weekend of events will be announced in the coming months.


About The Wildflower Triathlon
Beginning in 1983 at Lake San Antonio in central California, The Wildflower Triathlon is one of the most iconic races in the sport. Held the first weekend in May, “The Woodstock of Triathlon,” is host to a Long Course, Olympic, Sprint and Mountain Bike distance events over the 3-day endurance sports festival. The Wildflower Triathlon Experience returns for 2018 on May 4 – 6. Learn more at www.wildflowertriathlon.com.