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Reed and Cave take Rev3 Knoxville

Tisseyre picks up third.

Matt Reed (USA) and Leanda Cave (GBR) won today’s Rev3 Knoxville Olympic distance race.

Canada’s Magali Tisseyre, who suffered a bike crash during a practice ride yesterday, ran her way to third and was fortunate to do so as she revealed in this twitter post.

“Omg!! Epic race. So much action. Went wrong way out of the water and followed wrong way on bike course!! So happy to be third!! Ouch!!!”

Check out this wrap-up video from Rev3.



1. Cave, Leanda 2:03:00

2. Dibens, Julie 2:04:09

3. Tisseyre, Magali (CAN)  2:05:34

4. Lavelle, Becky 2:06:28

5. Homo, Malaika 2:08:36


1. Reed, Matty 1:48:53

2. Dye, Cameron 1:49:02

3. Yoder, Andrew 1:49:47

4. Fleischmann, Brian 1:51:08

5. Gambles, Joe 1:51:26

22. Blake, Jasper (CAN) 2:00:20