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Ready, Set, Go: Tour de Zwift

Nine stages, across all five courses - Zwift's largest multi-world cycling event begins January 3rd

On Jan. 3rd, Tour de Zwift begins. Open to all users, the Tour is a celebration of Zwift and the worlds within it.

Zwift with riders from around the world.

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The Tour de Zwift is a nine-stage event across all five courses. “It’s not a race, but a giant party on wheels and a great way to experience Zwift,” says Zwift.

The Schedule

Zwift will host each stage for two days, with an event rolling out every two hours each day. If you miss a stage, there will be make-up days on Feb. 2nd and 3rd.

  1. Jan. 3-4: Jungle Circuit (Watopia)
  2. Jan. 5-6: Everything Bagel (NYC)
  3. Jan. 8-9: Keith Hill After Party (London)
  4. Jan. 11-12: Volcano After Party (Watopia)
  5. Jan. 15-16: UCI World Champs (Richmond)
  6. Jan. 19-20: Road to Sky (Watopia)
  7. Jan. 22-23:  UCI Worlds Short Lap (Innsbruck)
  8. Jan. 26-27: London Loop with Box Hill Finish (London)
  9. Jan. 29-30: Park Perimeter (NYC)

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Each stage will have three groups – A, B and C. The “A” group is the longer ride option. Group “B” is the shorter ride. Group “C” is women only.

Zwift’s new New York City – Central Park course.

There’s a prize

You may ask yourself, “Is registering for Tour de Zwift worth it?” It is if you want to get some extra training miles and fun. After completing all nine stages, you’ll unlock a special Tour de Zwift kit – available on February 9th.

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To register, sign in to your Zwift account and follow the prompts for “Tour de Zwift.”