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PTO suspends Collin Chartier and initiates its own investigation

Athlete co-owned organization outlines its drug-testing program

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

Following the announcement that Collin Chartier had tested positive for EPO and has been banned for three years, the Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) has “initiated its own investigation into his activities and compliance with the various PTO rules and regulations,” and “suspended (Chartier) from the PTO membership pending the outcome of the investigation.”

Collin Chartier’s EPO case leaves us with more questions than answers

Tests done before the PTO US Open

In a statement today, the PTO confirmed that Chartier, along with all the athletes who competed at the PTO US Open, was tested before the race using a Dry Blood Spot (DBS), and did a urine test after he won the race.

“Both samples were analysed for prohibited substances, including EPO, and were found to be negative,” the PTO reported.

The DBS process was also utilized at the Collins Cup, but was not administered at the PTO Canadian Open in Edmonton “due to country restrictions.” At the 2022 PTO events, at least 10 men and 10 women “were selected to provide urine samples post race which are then tested in accordance with the WADA Prohibited Substances List, including additional sports-specific analysis for ESAs and/or growth hormones,” the statement continued. “For races on the 2023 PTO Tour this will be the same again, including in Ibiza at next week’s PTO European Open.”

PTO Anti-Doping Program

While the PTO does not do out of competition testing, “since late 2020, the PTO has worked closely with respected, independent Anti-Doping consultant Michele Verroken and her company, Sporting Integrity, to set up, deliver and then oversee the PTO’s Anti-Doping Programme,” the organization said in today’s release. “To ensure collaboration and transparency with its Anti-Doping programme, the PTO works closely with World Triathlon and its relationship with relevant bodies such as the ITA and WADA.”