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PTO announces maternity leave policy

Professional Triathletes Organisation announces maternity and parental leave policies

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) will provide monthly payments to women PTO professionals for up to 15 months, “beginning from her pregnancy date and ending six months after birth,” according to a release from the organization today.

The payments will be based on the pro’s PTO World Ranking, which will be fixed at the time of her pregnancy. Payments will be based on the PTO Annual Bonus Plan – an athlete ranked fifth in the standings would earn a $60,000 bonus payment, so she would be paid $5,000 per month for a total of $75,000 over the 15 months.

“We are delighted to have adopted this Maternity Leave Policy,” says Rachel Joyce, co-president of the PTO. “It recognises the unique reality women athletes face in trying to maintain a professional athletic career while balancing family planning. The PTO’s Maternity Leave Policy will ensure that in the future women PTO Professionals who seek to start families can do so with financial support and additionally maintain their PTO World Ranking. It truly is an innovative maternity policy.”

The PTO has also put a Parental Leave Policy in place that “allows PTO Professionals who become parents to take up to four months Parental Leave from racing without having it affect their PTO World Ranking and related Annual Bonus payment.”

You can find out more details on the Maternity Leave Policy here.