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Pro Profile: Getting to know Alex Coates

Taylor Reid profiles Canadian pro Alex Coates.

Alex Coates
Alex Coates

Year of Birth: 1990
Height: 5’5
Coach: Craig Taylor
Education: B.Sc in Kinesiology from the University of Victoria, and I am currently pursuing my M.Sc in Exercise Physiology at the University of Guelph

Taylor Reid: What distance in triathlon do you compete at?

Alex Coates: I race ITU Olympic and Sprint distance triathlons

TR: Where are you from?

AC: I am originally from Calgary, but I lived in Victoria for seven years, so Victoria is also home.

TR: How did you start racing triathlon a professional?

AC: I started racing the junior elite series in Canada when I was young, and from there it was just a natural progression into U23 and then Senior Elite triathlon. I never had to make a conscious decision to “turn pro”.

TR: What was your first triathlon?

AC: St. Albert Kids of Steel triathlon in Alberta when I was 6 years old!

TR: What is your favourite animal?

AC: Moose

TR: Do you have any pets?

AC: I don’t but I really want a big running dog, as well as maybe a little Boston Terrier or French Bulldog. I also will one day have goats and ducks!

TR: Do you have a favourite TV show?

AC: Sherlock

TR: If you had to listen to a song on repeat for a whole workout what would it be?

AC: I don’t think I could listen to one song on repeat for a whole workout! Maybe “Window to the Sky” by Kim Churchill. I still get excited by “Stolen Dance” from Milky Chance, even though it was overplayed on the radio…maybe “Good for you” by Selena Gomez.

TR: What is your favourite discipline in triathlon?

AC: Definitely the run! Biking is awesome too, especially pack riding. Not swimming.

TR: What’s your primary goal in the sport?

AC: My number one goal in the sport is to race consistently on the WTS circuit, and to prove I belong with the best in the world.

Top Results:
13th place at Tiszaujvaros World Cup 2015
16th at the Huatulco World Cup 2015
10th at U23 elite Worlds in Beijing 2011
A number of Canadian National podiums

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