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Previewing TriStar Deauville

The inaugural edition goes Sunday on the historic beach of Deauville, France.

All is ready in Normandy (France) to host the inaugural edition of the awaited TriStar Deauville, the fun format of the triathlon. TriStar33.3 and TriStar111 are going to be held on Sunday at the historic beach of Deauville with the massive presence of almost 1000 athletes, who will run through its main touristic spots, such as the well-known “Promenade des Planches”, a real Cinema scenario. The weather should allow for suitable race conditions, despite of the fresh water being between 14 and 16 degrees.
There are plenty of stars in the professional field: Sylvain Sudrie (FRA), Olivier Marceau (SUI), Joerie Vansteelant (BEL) and Romain Guillaume (FRA), who have already won a TriStar race, will be present on Sunday on the start line. Three of them have achieved World Championship titles (Sudrie, Marceau, Vansteelant), and will share this fierce competition with James Elvery (NZL), Anthony Le Duey (FRA), José Jeuland (FRA) or Rich Sumpter (UK).

The women race will be exciting as well: the Swiss Adeline Rausis will fight for the victory with Valérie Letac (Champion of Normandy) and Marie Delsert, who comes to Deauville as one of the favorites. The former professional cyclist Christophe Agnolutto (stage winner in the Tour de France) and the former international rugby player Laurent Benezech will also join the starting line. Spectators can enjoy the family-focused side events all over the weekend on the Expo area from Friday to Sunday and support the ‘Skoda StarKids Race’ on Saturday afternoon.

The TriStar111 Deauville will take international triathletes through breath-taking landscapes: 1000m swim, 100km bike and 10km run. The central point of the event will be the stunning wooden boardwalk of the “Promenade des Planches”.

The start for the swimming part is on Sunday at 8:15. TriStar111 Deauville is open to individual athletes and to relay teams composed of two or three participants offering an ideal possibility for friends or companies. This format has a total length of 111km with a simple approach that the brand has brought to the sport: choose your favourite cycling distance, divide it by 10 for the run and by 100 for the swim: 1km of swimming, 100km of cycling and 10km of running adds up to TriStar111 Deauville. TriStar33.3 is just 300m of swimming, 30km of cycling and 3km of running.

TriStar Deauville is organised by Star Production SARL and Exaequo.

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