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Previewing Sunday’s Ironman 70.3 Calgary

Tisseyre, McQuaid, Gross, Morrison, Symonds, Burwash to race.

Last year Canada’s Tenille Hoogland and American Tim O’Donnell won, both are not back this year so someone new will take over the championship titles.

Quite a few Canadian women are poised to take the top spot including Magali Tisseyre, Sara Gross (second last year), Danelle Kabush (fourth last year, and a recent XTERRA Mountain Champion), and fellow XTERRA standout Melanie McQuaid.

Penticton’s Jeff Symonds and Calgary’s Grant Burwash will have to contend with Chris Legh, Tom Lowe, Jason Shortis, and Rasmus Henning.

Pro Start List



1 Magali Tisseyre St. Saveur CAN

2 Rebekah Keat AUS

3 Melanie McQuaid Victoria CAN

4 Danelle Kabush Calgary CAN

5 Sara Gross Victoria CAN

6 Lisa Mensink Calgary CAN

7 Monica Dalidowicz Regina CAN

8 Haley Cooper Scott USA

9 Heather Jackson USA

10 Mackenzie Madison USA

11 Janelle Morrison Penticton CAN

12 Heather Leiggi USA

21 Chris Legh AUS

22 Joseph Lampe AUS

23 Ollie Whistler AUS

24 Grant Burwash Calgary CAN

25 Jeffrey Symonds Penticton CAN

26 Derek Garcia USA

27 Brendan Halpin USA

28 Lewis Elliot USA

29 Kodo Hiramatsu JPN

30 Shanon Stallard NZL

31 Jim Lubinski USA

32 Tom Lowe GBR

33 Olly Piggin Penticton CAN

34 Rich Allen USA

35 Jason Shortis AUS

36 Damon Barnett USA

37 Trev Williams Calgary CAN

38 Rasmus Henning DNK

If you are at the race to participate or the spectate, make sure to catch Janelle Morrison’s appearance at the Ironman 70.3 Calgary Expo on Friday at 6:00 – 6:30 pm.

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