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Phelps joins Aqua Sphere in new swim initiative


Aqua Sphere has announced a long-term partnership with the greatest swimmer of all-time, Michael Phelps, and Hall of Fame Coach, Bob Bowman. The new partnership will see the development of innovative products for a broad range of swimmers and non-swimmers with a focus on comfort and performance.

“Michael Phelps is one of the select global icons in all of sports while Coach Bob Bowman is a true swimming mastermind,” said Todd Mitchell, Business Line Manager at Aqua Sphere. “We are honoured to align our rich history of innovative aquatic technology and international distribution with their passion for the sport and commitment to share their knowledge and experiences with others in this collaborative line.”

He continued, “Their positive impact and influence in the aquatics community transcends cultural borders and together we have an extraordinary opportunity to inspire and educate consumers about the full lifestyle of swimming through a premier line complete with instructional context that will minimize the barrier to entry regardless of skill level.”

From the beginning of this career, Phelps has wanted to increase the international interest and participation in swimming within and beyond the competitive realm. Phelps and Bowman “transformed the instructional teaching program that supported Phelps’ own progression through the learn-to-swim, competitive, and elite levels of sport into the Michael Phelps Swimming methodology.”

This coaching program aims to appeal to a broader, more diverse audience. Their approach has proven successful with the adaptation of the curriculum being implemented through learn-to-swim initiatives including Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Special Olympics International, which currently reaches 33 clubs across 26 US states and 66 Special Olympics teams across 34 countries including Australia, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom among others.

“Bob and I share a passion for swimming that goes well beyond practice sessions and competitions, and we have always talked about how we could improve different aspects within the sport,” said Phelps. “I benefited from being exposed to a tremendous swimming curriculum at the entry-level that helped propel me through the various stages of the sport; over time, I realized that such programming and instruction is not widely available, and so we have tried to address that through programming we develop at the Michael Phelps Swim School.

“We’ve also seen over the years how certain technical aspects of swimming products and teaching aids could be improved, not only for the elite-level competitive swimmer, but also for entry-level and fitness swimmers. With Aqua Sphere’s product design and development capabilities, we believe there is an opportunity to help make the sport more inviting to others by recognizing that everyone begins at different levels, requires assistance matching their skills with products, and lack the appropriate context in order to maximize their swimming experience.”

Bowman explained, “Over the years, Michael and I have experimented, failed, and succeeded in our approach and, regardless how many medals have been awarded, we are both constantly learning and evolving. We have integrated this knowledge into practical execution through the Swim School and aligning with Aqua Sphere provides us with tremendous resources to further advance the sport to a greater audience.”

Among the primary aims of this partnership is to reduce the intimidation factor of swimming by addressing the global need for water-safety and learn-to-swim initiatives.

“I was first exposed to swimming through a water-safety program and, like many others, I had a fear of being in the water because I did not like to get my face wet,” added Phelps. “Our program is focused on building comfort and confidence in the water and we intend to enhance the consumer experience from the pool to the store so it is less confusing and much more informative in an effort to make water-safety and instructional development available across the globe.”

For more info: www.AquaSphereSwim.com