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Pan Am Games execs to split $5.7 million bonus; athletes and facilities to get $0

A quick transition for Yorke  and Mislawchuk. Credit: @rubyphotostudio
 Andrew Yorke and Tyler Mislawchuk. Credit: @rubyphotostudio

-By Michael Doyle

The 2015 Pan Am Games were a huge hit in Toronto. And now the architects of the Games are cashing in on their success.

About 50 TO2015 executives will split up the hefty bonus cash even though Ontario’s auditor general would like to take a longer look at the books before the money is divvied out.

Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk indicated that her financial audit of the Games would not indicate who does or doesn’t get bonus money, but instead would highlight the bottom line regarding the costs of the Games. She is hoping that those figures will determine bonuses.

According to Sportsnet, Clark also voiced her disappointment with “extravagant” payouts that won’t be checked by her office or any other independent evaluator. She did say that they would not be paid out until the entire audit of the Games was concluded.

Sport minister Michael Coteau claims that the Pan Am Games had a $56 million surplus, mainly due to reduced costs to infrastructure projects. He’s also said he expects there to be extra cash from the operations budget as well.

The audit is expected to reveal that the Games cost the pubic around $2.4 billion.

None of the surplus has been considered for athlete programs or further development of Pan Am Facilities.