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Ogio X-Train 2 Backpack Review

We reviewed the first of the X-Train backpacks from Ogio last year and had nothing but good things to say, so it should come as little surprise that we have more positive news about the latest version of this commuter/ training bag, the X-Train 2 ($89), from the company that prides itself on “gear bag technology and back pack innovation.”


It’s hard to say if this lightweight, durable backpack is actually a better for commuting or training – if you’re one of those people who do both you’ll find yourself happy with one bag for both tasks. The pack feels a lot smaller than the 19.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 inch dimensions on your back, but still manages to get a lot of gear inside. (That said, if you tend to haul a kick board, fins, pull buoy, paddles … basically a lot of toys to your swim practice, there might be larger bags you’ll want to look at for that task.)

In terms of a commuting pack, the X-Train 2 is an outstanding choice. There’s a padded laptop sleeve that will accommodate up to a 15” computer. The crush-resistant tech vault on the top of the bag is great for sunglasses or other small items that you want to take care of, while the valuables pocket at the front is a perfect size for a wallet and/or a phone. Once you’re at work you can lock your bike up and carry your helmet with you on the removable external helmet carry strap, which serves as a nice way to carry your helmet without taking up space inside the bag. The adjustable padded shoulder straps, along with the sternum strap, ensure the X-Train 2 will sit comfortably on your back during your commute. The shoe/ wet-dry compartment allows you to pack sweaty clothes in a different area, and the Ogio engineers even came up with a way to create a couple of separate compartments in the main storage area so you can separate the wet-dry stuff from the rest of your things.


For those riding or running to a yoga or strength class, the side cinch strap can easily hold a mat (or a large towel if you are on your way to a swim workout). You can even add hydration possibilities to the mix, too, thanks to the tube port and hanger for a bladder if you want to bike or run with water inside the bag, There’s a water bottle compartment on the side, too, if you want to carry your water that way.


The specs, though, don’t really do the X-Train 2 justice. You’ll find yourself putting things into this bag and constantly thinking “that’s a good idea.” It’s a nicely compact bag that is very comfortable to wear, looks really good and appears ready to take on the rigours of travel, commuting, or daily trips to the gym for a long time. We tried the X-Train 2 out in a few scenarios – commuting to the office on a bike and for air travel to a training camp in Europe. In both scenarios the X-Train 2 was an excellent choice, providing lots of carrying options in a lightweight, comfortable pack.

Find out more at www.ogio.com