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NYC Marathon opens registration

 NYCmarathon_TCS_isometric_FThe New York City Marathon, the largest marathon in the world, opened registration for the 2015 race on Thursday at noon EST for the guaranteed and non-guaranteed entry.Registration for the Nov. 1 race will allow those who have and have not met qualifying standards a chance to sign up to be entered in their respective lotteries. There are three main routes of entry to the race: hitting a qualifying standard, being selected through a lottery or running for a charity and fundraising. The main route of entry is from those who hit standards, though many are still not selected. The race has a notoriously confusing set of guidelines for entry which also change slightly from year to year.

The race sees about 50,000 runners each fall, though over 130,000 regularly enter the various lotteries. The registration process costs US$11 that is non-refundable regardless of if you are selected or not. Canadians selected will then have to pay the US$347 entrance fee for non-US residents.

Registration for the race will remain open for one month, until Feb. 15.