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New Year’s Check-in with Kirsten Sweetland

FullSizeRenderTMC caught up with Kirsten Sweetland to see how her 2016 training is shaping up so far. The Victoria, BC native had a fantastic 2014 season with podium finishes before falling ill for several months. Despite her bad luck, Sweetland intends on qualifying for Rio 2016 and continues to work hard with optimism and determination.

What does your 2016 training look like so far?

I got sick at the end of the 2014 season and spent much of the 2015 season on the sidelines. I didn’t get an actual diagnosis until just a few weeks ago! I’ve already had 4 months off but I am allowed to return to training in 2 more weeks!

What races do you have planned for 2016?

Because of my health I’m unsure at the moment and just taking things one day at a time. I’m looking to start with some smaller races before I begin the World Triathlon Series races.

Any specific goals for the year?

My only goal for the year is performing the best I can at the Olympics, assuming I’ve qualified! I love the Rio course way too much to miss out on that opportunity!

What does a typical training week look like for you?

When I’m healthy I usually swim 5 – 6 times per week. Four of these are challenging workouts and two are easy. I ride three times a week, all challenging sessions with lots of hills and intervals. I run about seven times per week with three challenging workouts and the rest easy. I like lactate tolerance style training and lots of change of pace but I don’t do a lot of max efforts.

Are there any specific challenges you think you’ll face this year? How will you tackle them?

I’ve recently had my Lyme panel come back positive with a Rickettsia infection among a vast amount of health issues coming to the surface so this is a major hurdle for me right now. Facing it keeps getting easier, the more information we have. I’m lucky to have a great team of very talented individuals helping me every step of the way.
We wish Kirsten a speedy recovery and look forward to watching her reach for Olympic goal.