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New Year’s Check-in with Angela Naeth

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We checked in with Angela Naeth to see how her 2016 training is going so far and what she hopes to achieve in triathlon this year. Naeth has earned multiple half and full distance wins in the past few years, her most recent at the 2015 Ironman Texas.

Have you started your 2016 training? How’s it going so far?

I have! I’m currently in Las Vegas, where I have a home and live year round (except when I head to training camps with lower temperatures in the summer). I’m focusing on all three disciplines equally and building a solid base for the upcoming season. I’ll head to training camp in Florida this February for a three-week stint with my coach.

What races do you have planned for 2016?

Right now, I have a few races on the docket with the main focus being getting to Kona through qualification. I’d love to angela-1head back to the North American Championships in Texas and defend my title. I’m also eager to race in Europe (I never have!) and possibly South America as well.

What are you most looking forward to in the triathlon world in 2016?

Being part of the amazing community of triathlon is always something I look forward to in the upcoming season My favorite part of travelling and racing is meeting new people around the world. For this reason, I love homestays as we can share stories and days leading up to a great event. I’m also excited to help out others with training and racing this year. I’ve coached a few athletes in the past and missed it these past few years. It’ll be a fun mix this year with the athletes I’m working with.

Any specific goals for the year?

My goal is qualifying for Kona and getting to that start line ready to roll. Last year I had an unfortunate foot injury while racing and wasn’t able to run. I’m definitely looking forward to the journey of finishing that race this year.

What does a typical training week look like for you?

A general week follows this format:
Monday – easy day – swim/strength exercises, possibly easy bike (REST)!
Tuesday – tempo based swim, bike/run combo
Wednesday – short swim, longer bike, possibly transition run
Thursday – moderate run, tempo swim, strength
Friday – swim/strength only, possible easy spin (or off day)
Saturday – longer bike/run, swim

Sunday – longer run or double run with a swim in the middle!

Are there any specific challenges you think you’ll face this year? How will you tackle them?

Kona qualification is a big one for me as I’m coming into 2016 with no points under my belt. With that being said, I’m ready to tackle the big races this year and get my spot on that start line. Looking forward to it!