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New app, Motigo, cheers you on during races

motigo-By Scott Leitch

Friends can’t come watch your race? There’s an app for that.

Motigo, released this month, is designed to deliver you personalized, pre-recorded motivational messages throughout your race. The app allows you to select which event you’re running and notify your friends about it. They can then record and schedule (hopefully) motivational messages to be played back along the course.

The idea was thought up mid-way through the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon when co-founder Dan Nagler wished he had someone to cheer him on a bit.

The app works alongside other run-tracking and music apps, turning down the volume of your music and playing your messages while you run. Before races you won’t know when the messages will play or who they’re from but you’ll be notified that they are there, waiting for you to run far enough to hear them.

“And the coolest part is that Motigo inspires runners by bringing their cheering friends and family with them to any of their races whether they are near or far,” said Motigo’s other cofounder, Celeste Lo. “Unfortunately not all of our loved ones can attend every event, but with Motigo, they are there with you, encouraging and motivating you to reach your goals.”

Anyone who uses the app can send five free cheers, but extras will cost you $1.99, or five for $7.99. As of January, the app is only available for iOS but and Android version is expected in early 2015.