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Navy SEAL who was shot 27 times training for triathlon

Mike-Day-crop 2-By Scott Leitch

A US Navy SEAL who was shot 27 times during a raid in Fallujah, Iraq, is now training for a 70.3 race and raising money for the Carrick Brain Treatment Center where he was treated for PTSD.

Mike Day, according to his fundraising page and a report by Fox News, was shot 11 times in his body armour and wounded in his arms, legs and abdomen by 16 other bullets. Day was also wounded further by grenade shrapnel. He claims the grenade knocked him unconscious and when he awoke the firefight was still unfolding. He shot two al-Qaida fighters.

Day’s original goal was to raise US$75,000 but it seems his campaign will generate more than that. The campaign has already raised over $71,000. He will race Ironman 70.3 Florida on April 12.

After being treated for his injuries, Day was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. He was a member of the SEALs for 21 years.