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Morrison and Aernouts win Duathlon World Championships

Today in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Scotland’s Catriona Morrison thrilled the crowd on hand to watch the 2010 ITU Duathlon World Championship in Edinburgh today, winning on home soil to take the fourth ITU Duathlon World Title of her illustrious career. Morrison won the ITU Long Distance Duathlon World Championship in 2007 and 2008, after winning Duathlon Worlds at the standard distance in 2006.

Today’s race took place in Edinburgh’s historic Holyrood Park, which served up one of the most challenging Duathlon World Champs courses of all time. The relentlessly hilly course consisted of a 10K run, followed by a 38.4K bike, and finished with a 5K run.

Morrison, the heavy favourite entering the race, finished the grueling course in 2:02:47, to top France’s Sandra Levenez by 18 seconds. It was the second year in a row that Levenez finished in the runner-up spot at the Duathlon World Championship, having finished second to Czech Vendula Frintova in Concord, North Carolina, USA last season. Australia’s Felecity Sheddy-Ryan finished a distant third in her first-ever Duathlon World Champs, rounding out the podium in 2:06:14.

The men’s Elite competition was all about the Belgians, who pulled off an unprecedented podium sweep, with Bart Aernouts taking top honours in 1:50:22. It’s the biggest result of the 26-year-old’s career, after finishing third at the 2008 Duathlon World Champs. Aernouts topped countryman Rob Woestenborghs by 22 seconds. Fellow Belgian Joerie Vansteelant, younger brother of the late Benny Vansteelant (four-time ITU Duathlon World Champion), rounded out the men’s podium, finishing six seconds behind Woestenborghs.

Click here for a video of the women’s finish

Click here for a video of the men’s finish

Edinburgh ITU Duathlon World Championship
Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain – 5 Sept 2010
10K run, 38.4K bike, 5K run

Elite Women
1. Catriona Morrison (GBR) 2:02:47
2. Sandra Levenez (FRA) 2:03:05
3. Felicity Sheedy-Ryan (AUS) 2:06:14
4. Jenny Schulz (GER) 2:06:20
5. Ana Burgos (ESP) 2:06:42
6. Katie Ingram (GBR) 2:07:10
7. Andrea Steyn (RSA) 2:07:58
8. Ruth Van der Meijden (NED) 2:08:37
9. Stefanie Bouma (NED) 2:10:53
10. Inmaculada Pereiro (ESP) 2:10:59

22. Ingrid Cluzeau (CAN) 2:25:10

Elite Men
1. Bart Aernouts (BEL) 1:50:22
2. Rob Woestenborghs (BEL) 1:50:24
3. Joerie Vansteelant (BEL) 1:50:30
4. Victor Manuel del Corral Morales (ESP) 1:51:06
5. Sergio Silva (POR) 1:51:46
6. Damien Derobert (FRA) 1:52:58
7. Adam Bowden (GBR) 1:53:38
8. Sean Jefferson (USA) 1:53:54
9. Ramos Herrera (MEX) 1:54:13
10. Richard Hobby (GBR) 1:54:16

43. Kevin Smith (CAN) 2:13:18

U23 Women
1. Sophie Coleman (GBR) 2:15:02
2. Lois Rosindale (GBR) 2:15:56
3. Alice Capone (ITA) 2:20:41
4. Ami Haishima (JPN) 2:24:12
5. Romana Slavinec (AUT) 2:25:51

U23 Men
1. Etienne Diemunsch (FRA) 1:53:33
2. Matthew Gunby (GBR) 1:54:27
3. Oscar Vicente (ESP) 1:56:01
4. Felix Duchampt (FRA) 1:57:23
5. Ritchie Nicholls (GBR) 1:57:44

Junior Women (5K run, 21.2K bike, 2.5K run)
1. Sofie Hooghe (BEL) 1:12:44
2. Marjon van der Wansem (NED) 1:13:32
3. Liis-Grete Arro (EST) 1:16:15
4. Elinor Thorogood (GBR) 1:16:55
5. Cindy Schwulst (RSA) 1:21:50

Junior Men (5K run, 21.2K bike, 2.5K run)
1. Uxio Abuin Ares (ESP) 1:03:52
2. Michael Gosman (AUS) 1:04:02
3. Jose Luis Cordova (MEX) 1:04:08
4. Jose Veiga (POR) 1:04:16
5. Hugo Alves (POR) 1:04:21

11. Taylor Reid (CAN) 1:04:45

21. Mathieu Despatie (CAN) 1:15:03

Click here for complete results