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Moench and Kanute test positive for COVID after Collins Cup

Three members of Team USA contingent at Collins Cup currently in quarantine in Slovakia

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

This weekend we saw the groundbreaking Collins Cup competition that took place in Samorin, Slovakia that featured teams from Europe, the United States and International (Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa) compete in a format similar to golf’s Ryder Cup. The event was won by Team Europe.

Today a couple of athletes from the US team have posted on their social media accounts that they are currently in quarantine in Slovakia after testing positive for COVID. According to the posts, Ben Kanute and Skye Moench, along with Tommy Zaferes, who is married to athlete Katie Zaferes and was a photographer at the event, are all currently in Samorin, unable to travel home.

Moench (second from left, front row) and Kanute (second from left, back row) both appear to be asymptomatic.

“Well, I am now part of the quaranteam with @benkanute and @tzaferes,” Moench wrote on her Instagram page. “A very sudden halt to our plans after a positive pre-travel covid test yesterday. After much work from @professionaltriathletesorg, I’ll be getting a second test tomorrow in case of a false positive. If I’m still positive tomorrow I’ll likely be here for 10-14 days. Not ideal, but I can’t control it and this is a risk of leaving the house these days. We will make the most of it either way! So far, seemingly no bad symptoms, just a bit tired from the week and racing, but taking this day by day.”


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Kanute seems to be similarly optimistic and says that he’s looking to continue to train for the 70.3 worlds in St. George next month.

“Unfortunately, I have tested positive for COVID before traveling back to the USA, and I am now in quarantine in Slovakia,” Kanute wrote on his Facebook page. “I am asymptomatic, and feeling fine, but missing my family more than anything. This is not the post I wanted to make, and frustrating after trying to be so cautious, but this is the risk we take to continue racing. It is most important to ensure the safety of others, and of my family. It is looking like I will be here, along with @skyemoench and @tzaferes, for a period of quarantine. The @professionaltriathletesorg is helping out in any way possible, and thankfully we are at an accommodating hotel.”