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Meditation: Train Your Mind

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— By Jonathan Hiltz

Completing a triathlon is as much a mental challenge as a physical one. Having a clear head, being in the right mood and able to focus and concentrate can be just as important as preparing your body for the incredible exertion that lies ahead. One of the best ways you can prepare your mind for the event is meditation. “Meditation gives us the ability to control our minds rather than our minds and senses pulling us in different directions,” says Madhavendra Lobel, one of the owners and teachers at Meditation Toronto (meditationtoronto.com). Here are some of her tips on getting started:

How to meditate

  • Find a quiet spot, sit comfortably and focus on your breath.
  • Breathe in and follow your breath through your nostrils, then into your throat and then into your lungs and belly.
  • Sit straight (you can close your eyes if necessary) and then follow your breath back out into the world.
  • If you find your mind wandering, which is a common thing, just pay attention to it and then bring your focus gently back to your breath.
  • Start with two minutes each day and then do it for longer as it feels comfortable.
  • You will get better with practice and, if you need help, sign up for a class to take you to the next level.

When and where

  • Pick a consistent time of day: morning, during your lunch hour or whenever is most convenient.
  • Find a “trigger,” something that reminds you that it’s time to meditate: your first sip of coffee, brushing your teeth, getting home from work or something else that will be a reminder.
  • The more you meditate the easier it will be to calm your mind in any situation, such as preparing for the big race.

Triathlons require commitment, planning and the ability to train your body to push itself to its limit. Having a strong focus and a calm mind will help propel you to new levels of success. Sometimes you need to slow things down to see those positive changes