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Magali Tisseyre and Rasmus Henning win Ironman 70.3 Calgary

Jeff Symonds and Melanie McQuaid claim third.

Canada’s Magali Tisseyre and Denmark’s Rasmus Henning captured the titles at today’s Ironman 70.3 Calgary.

Tisseyre put up solid splits right across the board to take the title. Tisseyre swam 26:45, just behind Calgary’s Lisa Mensink (26:43). On the bike, Victoria’s Melanie McQuaid roared to the front with the top ride of 2:20:26. Just 46 seconds behind McQuaid at the conclusion of the 94 km bike, Tisseyre used the second best half marathon (1:25:15) to take over the lead and win with a time of 4:17:24. American Heather Jackson closed the gap with a 1:24:41 run to take second, and McQuaid hung on for third (4:23:09).

Like Tisseyre, Henning came out of the water in second (22:50) behind Australia’s Joseph Lampe (22:47). Regardless, Henning was well ahead of his main challengers and many rode faster than Henning to put the pressure on him. At the end of the ride, he held a 1 second lead over American Rich Allen, and nine seconds over Australian Chris Legh. Once on the run, Henning stepped on the gas and knocked off the fastest run of the day (1:15:08) to claim the victory in 3:51:02. Legh ran well too (1:15:36) to take second (3:51:42), and Penticton’s Jeff Symonds utilized the third fastest run (1:16:15) to finish third (3:52:36).

Top 10 Women Top 10 Men
1. TISSEYRE, Magali CAN 4:17:24

2. JACKSON, Heather USA 4:18:12

3. MCQUAID, Melanie CAN 4:23:09

4. GROSS, Sara CAN 4:25:18

5. MENSINK, Lisa CAN 4:26:17

6. MADISON, Mackenzie USA 4:30:20

7. COOPER-SCOTT, Haley USA 4:31:56

8. CROFT, Sheila CAN 4:33:39 *W35-39

9. KABUSH, Danelle CAN 4:34:29

10. MORRISON, Janelle CAN 4:35:02

1. HENNING, Rasmus DNK 3:51:02

2. LEGH, Chris AUS 3:51:42

3. SYMONDS, Jeffrey CAN 3:52:36

4. ALLEN, Rich USA 3:54:00

5. LOWE, Tom GBR 3:55:08

6. STALLARD, Shanon NZL 4:02:26

7. PIGGIN, Olly CAN 4:04:16

8. GARCIA, Derek USA 4:08:43

9. HALPIN, Brendan USA 4:10:41

10. BARNETT, Damon USA 4:12:10