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Macel Retires!

Read her retirement announcement.

Tereza Macel, Triathlon Magazine Canada’s Triathlete of the Year for 2009, announced her retirement today on the teamTBB website.

“At the end of every year a professional athlete looks back at their season and how well they fulfilled their goals. Then there is the look forward to the approaching season to see what new challenges are still out there to pursue. After a number of seasons of this exercise, if things have gone well both lists get shorter. After some time one reflects on the question of whether they should embark on yet another season or look elsewhere for new challenges and goals.

Over the last 15 years I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of excellence in the triathlon world. I have accomplished many of my goals in both short course and long course racing on both the national and the international platforms and it is after reflection on all of this that I can say that I am happy with my career and feel it is time to move on to the next stage of my life.

The last two years will always have a very special place in my heart. At a time where my results had plateaued, even though I knew I was still capable of so much more, I was fortunate to be given a new chance. TeamTTB gave me the opportunity to work with a tremendous coach, Brett Sutton, as well as a truly spectacular group of athletes. Both helped me push past my limits and recognize my greatest goals. I could not have seen the success I have in these past two years without them. I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone, especially Brett for believing me. It is because of this team that I can conclude my triathlon career with no regrets about what might have been.”