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Lionel Sanders takes Strava record on Mt Lemmon

Lionel Sanders Happy with his 4th place finish at 2014 Ironman 70.3 world Championship

Mt Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona has long been popular among triathletes and cyclists. The 42 km ascent with average grade of four per cent is among the toughest climbs in the US. It ranks up there with some of the famous European passes, drawing many teams and training camps to the area over the winter. Yesterday, fast rising pro Lionel Sanders’s set a new record on Strava for the climb from mile zero to ski valley. He bested the previous record by seven minutes. Holding 348 watts for 1:34:21, Sanders demolished Willie Beamen’s top time of 1:41:40. The 2014 Kona runner up Ben Hoffman (The Hoff)’s Strava record for the climb is 1:59:10. The climb hits a maximum elevation of 2530 m and the ride back down on the smooth road is fast and furious.

Sanders credits perfect weather conditions and his new Louis Garneau Gennix TR1 for his outstanding ride, stating on twitter that he’d been chasing the record for four years. His coach Barrie Shelpley is in Tuscon running a training camp and witnessed Sanders’s feat.