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Lionel Sanders’ “big move” earns him an extra $30,000 in PTO Bonus

Lucy Charles-Barclay and Gustav Iden top PTO final rankings, Findlay, Laundry and Jewett also finish in top 20

Photo by: Tommy Zaferes

A flurry of runner-up finishes and a win at Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells – La Quinta helped Canada’s Lionel Sanders to move up to third in the PTO World Rankings, netting him an US$80,000 bonus for his efforts in 2021. Sanders wasn’t the only Canadian who came away with a nice season-ending payout: Paula Findlay was 10th in the final standings, which netted her $30,000, Jackson Laundry finished 12th in the standings, good enough for $20,000, and Tamara Jewett was 17th, which earns her a $13,000 bonus.

Lucy Charles-Barclay (GBR) and Gustav Iden (NOR) finished 2021 at the top of the rankings, good for a $100,000 bonus, with Jan Frodeno (GER) and Daniela Ryf (SUI) taking $90,000 for their second-place finishes. Third went to Sanders and Germany’s Laura Philipp. The PTO Bonus is worth a total of US$2 million.

Courtesy PTO

Other Canadians who will earn some money from the PTO this year include Cody Beals, Rach McBride, Brent McMahon and Jen Annett, who net $2,000 for their 69th-, 74th-, 89th and 95th-place finishes in the standings.

Courtesy PTO

“The PTO World Ranking system is designed to provide a mechanism to properly compensate PTO Professionals based on their achievements throughout the year, as opposed to having a structure where economics hinge predominately on one or two specific races,” says Charles Adamo, PTO Executive Chairman. “PTO Professionals race hard all year, and we want to try to mitigate the situation where if they have one bad race, they lose a significant amount of their earning capacity. The PTO Annual Bonus Plan payments, together with the payments at the PTO 2020 Championship and The Collins Cup, means that the PTO has paid 200 professional triathletes more than $5,000,000. We believe that this demonstrates the value and benefits of professionals being unified in their own organisation and one of the many ways the PTO and PTO Professionals can bring not only a voice but a meaningful contribution to our sport.”