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Lauren Campbell reports on her Bridgetown win

Her next race is the Clermont ITU Sprint Triathlon on March 3.

This past Sunday, Vancouver’s Lauren Campbell took home the race win in Barbados at the Bridgetown ITU Sprint Triathlon Pan American Cup.

Today, she wrote about her win.

“Racing in Barbados wasn’t in my original race plan for this year, but Joel and I decided about two weeks ago that it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Because of my sub-par result in La Paz last month I hadn’t earned enough ITU points to ensure a start at the Mooloolaba World Cup and Sydney World Series event, so if I wasn’t able to get a start there then this Olympic campaign would pretty much be over before it even began. Also, racing again would give me an opportunity to show myself where my fitness truly is, as my confidence had wavered a bit since La Paz, and this could be a good boost going into the next training block. Plus, Barbados was only a half day’s travel from our base in Florida, so it was a fairly easy decision.”

Read the rest at Lauren’s blog.

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