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Laundry and Marchant win in Woodstock

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Guelph’s Jackson Laundry and Newmarket’s Kristen Marchant took home victories at MultiSport Canada’s season opener at Canada’s Dairy Capital of Woodstock.

Targeting the course record of Lionel Sanders, Laundry started the day behind Kitchener’s Alex VanderLinden (10:12) with a 10:21 opening 750m swim. From there, Laundry ramped up the pace on the windy 20 km bike, and grabbed the lead with a 29:26 ride. He closed with a 5km run of 16:39 5km to finish in 57:37, just 4 seconds shy of Sanders’ course record. Behind him, a final 1km battle ensued to decide the next three spots. VanderLinden managed to outrun Richmond Hill’s Andrew Bolton for second, with Toronto’s Mikael Staer Nathan taking fourth.

Woodstock Triathlon 2015 (750m swim, 20km bike, 5 km run) – Top 5 Men

  1. Jackson Laundry (Guelph, ON) 57:37
  2. Alexander VanderLinden (Kitchener, ON) 58:47
  3. Andrew Bolton (Richmond Hill, ON) 58:50
  4. Mikael Staer Nathan (Toronto, ON)  58:55
  5. Derek Lantz (Newcastle, ON) 1:02:12


In the women’s race, to no one’s surprise, Kitchener’s Angela Quick led all women out of Pittock Lake in 10:21, she held onto the lead until the 7.5 km mark of the bike where Marchant, the 2014 Niagara Falls Barrelman Champion took control of the race. Marchant finished with a commanding 19:22 run to comfortably take the victory in 1:05:26.

Woodstock Triathlon 2015 (750m swim, 20km bike, 5 km run) – Top 5 Women

  1. Kristen Marchant (Newmarket, ON) 1:05:26
  2. Angela Quick (Kitchener, ON) 1:07:20
  3. Meghan Lamers (London, ON) 1:08:34
  4. Lauren Heinken (Mississauga, ON) 1:10:31
  5. Elise Bolger-Daoussis (Paris, ON) 1:12:23
2015 Woodstock Triathlon Podium – Photo by MultiSport Canada/Mike Cheliak

Meanwhile, London’s Spencer Summerfield and Meaford’s Paula Lockyer won the Woodstock Duathlon titles.

Nursing a leg injury, Summerfield trailed after the opening 5 km run, but he dominated the 20 km bike segment with a race leading 33:17, and that gave him enough of a cushion during the final 2.5 to take win in 1:04:33.

Woodstock Duathlon 2015 (5km run, 20km bike, 2.5 km run) – Top 5 Men

  1. Spencer Summerfield (London, ON) 1:04:33
  2. Joseph Hunter (Waterloo, ON) 1:04:55
  3. Darren Cooney (Toronto, ON) 1:05:02
  4. Jeremy Carter (St. Agatha, ON)  1:05:06
  5. Steve Beasley (Goderich, ON) 1:06:13


Paula Lockyer, a member of the York University Sports Hall of Fame for basketball, used her typical strong run and added an improved bike ride today to claim the women’s victory in 1:12:58.

Woodstock Duathlon 2015 (5km run, 20km bike, 2.5 km run) – Top 5 Women

  1. Paula Lockyer (Newmarket, ON) 1:12:19
  2. Jennifer Froebel (Kitchener, ON) 1:12:58
  3. Bethany Timmerman (London, ON) 1:14:09
  4. Anna Fiorito (Mississauga, ON)  1:14:33
  5. Catherine Friesen (Paris, ON) 1:15:28
2015 Woodstock Duathlon Podium – Photo by MultiSport Canada/Mike Cheliak