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L.A. 2024 Olympic bid video shows overwhelming citizen support


In an Olympic year, most of us have Rio on the mind. The 2024 isn’t exactly on the radar for many as we pay attention to news specifically pertaining to the Brazilian hot spot. But that’s not the case for those living in cities which are currently bidding to be the host of the games eight years out.

Los Angeles is one those cities and a new video that has just come out shows just how much support the city has from its citizens. The two-minute clip (featured below) shows the excitement from celebrities like Jessica Alba and Will Ferrell as well as athlete Kobe Bryant.

As well, the video shows mini Olympic hopefuls talking about their dreams to one day become Olympic athletes. Young girls fine-tune their gymnastics routines, a pair of little cyclists work on their speed and a young boy with an amputated leg perfects his running form, all while talking about their hopes that the Olympic Games will end up in Los Angeles.

What you see on the video though is backed by a recent poll conducted by Loyola Marymount University. The poll showed that 88 per cent from Los Angeles are in favour. That number has gone up since the city last conducted a poll. In August, as part of their bid, they were able to show the International Olympic Committee that 80 per cent were in support.

To put this number in perspective, the lead of the poll said that usually, a high support number would be around 70 per cent of citizens in favour. In L.A., there was no demographic that had less than 80 per cent in favour of the Olympics being held in the city.

As for other cities in the bid, Rome has 71 per cent support, Paris has 74 and Budapest has just 57.

The next Olympic Games after this summer’s event in Rio will be held in Tokyo in 2020.