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Kona Dispatch: Got Milk?

Hines Ward and Paula Newby Fraser
Hines Ward and Paula Newby-Fraser

A jam-packed day in Kona on Tuesday included the Ironkids Keiki Dip-n-Dash (swim and run), the beginning of registration, the athletes Parade of Nations and the opening of the sports expo. We caught a glimpse of Hines Ward and Paula Newby-Fraser having a post-swim drink of Refuel -Chocolate Milk.  Ward, a former professional football player (and winner of Dancing with the Stars) is now tackling Ironman. The Parade of Nations is always a fun event and something that the community of Kona really embraces.  Canadian athletes make up the 4th largest contingent here in Kona with 144 athletes.  Good on us, eh?

-By Linnea Humphrey

Natascha Badmann at the Ironman Parade of Nations
Mexico Kona
Mexican Athletes at the Parade
kona expo
Enter the Ironman Kona Expo


Ironman Parade of Nations
Proud Canadians at the Ironman Parade of Nations