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Jurkiewicz and Lyles claim Ironman Western Australia

Jeremy Jurkiewicz (FRA) and Elizabeth Lyles (USA) took home wins today at Ironman Western Australia in Busselton.

Jurkiewicz, took to the front early with Australian Luke Bell (47:03), and after Bell dropped out of the race due to injury, Jurkiewicz continued on with a 4:29:17 ride to enter T2 with a 3:42 lead over Australian Matt Burton – who rode the top split of 4:25:25. From there, Jurkiewicz ran an untouchable 2:48:18 marathon to secure a dominant 8:08.15 victory. Germany’s Markus Thomschke came in next for second (8:16:01) and Australian David Dellow took third (8:19:10).

“It was a crazy race, I give all on the bike and after on the run I push and push and push and I win with a crazy time, I’m very, very happy,” Jurkiewicz said on Ironman.com. “I had a six-minute lead but I say to myself I push and push and push, I knew that I can do a good time so I pushed for the time.”

Jeremy Jurkiewicz (FRA) wins Ironman Western Australia 2013. – Ironman.com

Top 10 Men

1. JURKIEWICZ, Jeremy 8:08:16

2. THOMSCHKE, Markus 8:16:01

3. DELLOW, David 8:19:10

4. ISRAEL, Todd 8:22:39

5. WHITE, Matty 8:25:29

6. BURTON, Matt 8:25:42

7. REITHMEIER, Alex 8:34:53

8. CRAWFORD, Guy 8:36:31

9. WILLIAMS, Benjamin 8:41:19

10. RIX, Josh 8:42:43


Lyles, who ran a course record time of 2:59:34 to grab her first career Ironman title at the 2012 Ironman Wisconsin, pulled off a similar come from behind performance today in Busselton.

Australia’s Lisa Marangon led the swim (54:10) and stayed in front until the 130 km mark where Germany’s Mareen Hufe wrestled the lead away. Hufe completed the ride with the top women’s split of 4:47:53, which put her 2:52 ahead of Marangon at T2. Meanwhile, Lyles sat 7:45 behind.

Lyles then showcased a dominant 3:00:37 marathon – close to 10 minutes faster than any other woman – to claim her second career Ironman title in 8:59:44. Hufe finished second (9:08:00), and Marangon third (9:19:29).

“It was a fantastic day. It is true what I have been told, that this Ironman is one of the best because of the crowd,” Lyles said during the Ironmanlive coverage. “I knew I could not give up too much time on the bike with some of the great bike runners in the field. I am the happiest I have been in my whole life.”

Elizabeth Lyles wins Ironman Western Australia 2013 – Ironman.com

Top 10 Women

1. LYLES, Elizabeth 8:59:44

2. HUFE, Mareen 9:08:00

3. MARANGON, Lisa 9:19:29

4. FLANAGAN, Kira 9:20:42

5. BREMER, Michelle 9:25:58

6. BURKE, Melanie 9:27:08

7. WILLIS, Janine 9:30:09

8. JURJEVIC, Marina 9:30:26

9. FURNESS, Erin 9:33:20

10. BOYES, Michelle 9:36:54