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Jorgensen set to make history again at the WTS Gold Coast

Credit: Delly Carr/ ITU/triathlon.org
Credit: Delly Carr/ ITU/triathlon.org
The World Triathlon Series returns to the Gold Coast for the first time since 2009 and the race press conference happened earlier today. American Gwen Jorgensen could make history yet again by winning her eight straight WTS race this weekend. On her current string of success Jorgensen explained to the press,

“I don’t really think about that I guess, I come into every race just trying to execute my swim and my bike and my run and hopefully that turns into a good race.”

She also addressed her improvements on the swim and bike under coach Jamie Turner saying:

“Since 2012, that’s when I started with Jamie Turner, that’s when we sat down and thought ‘Ok, where do we need to improve,’ and it’s always been that front half of the triathlon, the swim and the bike. So I’ve been working on it for quite a few years now.”

The women’s race will be dedicated to Australian triathlete and coach Jackie Fairweather, who passed away last November. While Jorgensen is currently ranked first, the women’s start list will begin with the No. 2, and No. 1 spot will be left open as a tribute to Fairweather. The golden bike rack will also be left open in transition in tribute. Fairweather was an ITU World Champion, Hall of Fame nominee, board member, high performance manager, coach and event commentator.

Earlier this week we reported that Sarah Anne Brault (currently ranked 16th), Paula Findlay, Amelie Kretz and Kirsten Sweetland will race this weekend but Sweetland had to withdraw:

The women will get underway at 11:00am local time while the men will take off at 2:00pm local time. Watch the races live on triathlonlive.tv

Jonathan Brownlee is certainly the one to beat as the top ranked male but is not taking anything for granted. Asked at the press conference if he was a target, he responded:

“Not really no, Auckland is a very different race to here. I’ve always wanted to race well in Auckland and thankfully two weekends ago I did. I like the course there, it’s very much like Yorkshire, whereas here it’s about as far from Yorkshire that you can get. The last time I was here was in 2009 and Mario beat me to become World Junior Champion. A lot has changed since then, mind you Courtney is back again which makes you feel that less has changed. But I want to race well here, but as I said, it’s very different to Auckland.”

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