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Janelle Morrison is on the mend

She checks in to tell us how she is doing.

On November 21st Janelle Morrison was involved in a car accident when another vehicle crossed into her lane and hit her head-on. Miraculously, she survived and is currently recovering from her extensive injuries with the hope of returning to triathlon racing one day. The Penticton community generously held a fundraising Spin-a-thon in support of Janelle a few days ago to help her attain that goal.

We caught up with this amazing athlete. A full story will appear in the next issue of Triathlon Magazine Canada.

“I have had amazing support from Penticton to help get me the rehab I need and to get back to the sport I love.”

“I have my second set of x-rays on the 18th and this is a big day for me. It is looking very much like I will be given the green light to a few things on this day….moving from a wheelchair to crutches!, swimming again (at first with a pull buoy) and getting on the bike again although Tracey (McQuair, her massage therapist and physiotherapist ) had me on a recumbent yesterday (January 12) for my first “spin” that felt awesome!!!.”

“I broke both my tibia and my femur but the progress is epic. I have very good range of motion already in my tibia/ankle and it should only get better once I am given the go ahead to move to crutches. I was ready for crutches a long time ago, but my broken arm has needed time to set….which my x-rays will show me if it has or not soon. My femur has very nearly full range of motion already and I feel no pain….That is how good my surgeons were.”

“So that, meshed all with Christmas and lots of visitors has made the time pass quickly. I am very optimistic about the future (which I have my surgeons again to thank for that) and I have an overall sense of peace and belief in this whole process. It is one day at a time, one step at a time, and it certainly is a long road…but we’ll just have to see where that goes.”

Find out more about Janelle at www.tricommitment.com