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ITU Cozumel victories for Spirig and Gomez, Brown takes fifth

Switzerland’s Nicola Spirig, the London Olympic gold medalist, ran away from the rest of the field during the last lap of the run to take the ITU Cozumel World Cup victory. Canada’s Joanna Brown battled to a fifth place finish in the sprint distance race.

“It was very hard, but it was amazing. The crowd was amazing, not just for the Mexicans but for me and the other athletes. It was a great experience,” said Spirig, to the ITU, who went seemingly unaffected by the scorching temperatures. “I trained here a little bit before, so I think I was a little bit used to it (the heat).”

Top 5 Women

1 Nicola Spirig SUI 00:57:53
2 Sarah Groff USA 00:57:58
3 Lisa Perterer AUT 00:58:11
4 Claudia Rivas MEX 00:58:15
5 Joanna Brown CAN 00:58:43
14 Kyla Coates CAN 01:00:28
29 Dominika Jamnicky CAN 01:04:40

Spain’s Javier Gomez notched his 14th World Cup title win with another sprint finish to stay ahead of France’s Aurelien Lescure. Canada’s Andrew Bysice finished 30th.

“It was a very tough race. It was extremely hot out there,” said Gomez. “I was dead on the run. The last 1km I tried to hang on and give my all the last 100m. I was sick for a few days this week, so I wasn’t really sure, but I’m happy to win.”

Top 5 Men

1 Javier Gomez ESP 00:53:26
2 Aurélien Lescure FRA 00:53:28
3 Dmitry Polyanskiy RUS 00:53:31
4 Jarrod Shoemaker USA 00:53:32
5 Florin Salvisberg SUI 00:53:38
30 Andrew Bysice CAN 00:54:59