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ITU cancels World Cup races in Cape Town, Antwerp

A lack of financial and government support has led to the cancellation of two events on the ITU's 2020 World Cup calendar.

The ITU has cancelled both the Cape Town and Antwerp World Cup events on the 2020 calendar.

Tyler Mislawchuk finishes third at the ITU World Cup in Antwerp, Belgium.

The removal of the Cape Town race, which in previous years has kicked off the World Cup schedule in February, is due to financial struggles.

Despite the efforts of the organizing committee, the ITU, and Triathlon South Africa to secure new sponsors for the event, the organizers have decided to cancel the event in order to minimize the potential impact a later cancellation could have on athletes and coaches planning for the 2020 season.

The three of them will work together in an attempt to bring the race back in 2021.

As for the Antwerp event, it’s being removed after a change in municipal government has led to the organizers not having the usual amount of support from the city. Putting together the event to the same level it’s been done in recent years wasn’t possible, so the organizers and the Belgium National Federation requested it’s removal from the ITU calendar.

The race was originally scheduled for June 21.