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Is the Collins Cup heading to Marrakesh this year?

News reports indicate the Collins Cup might move to Morocco in 2023

Photo by: PTO

There’s been lots of anticipation about the final two events on the Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) Tour for 2023, and today a couple of triathlon sites based in the Netherlands (Tri-Today.com and 3athlon.nl)  reported that a page that has since been removed from the PTO website indicated that the race would be taking place in November in Marrakesh, Morocco.

We reached out to the PTO to follow up on this news.

“It’s no secret that we’re working hard to take the PTO Tour to new and exciting places – and Marrakesh certainly fits that bill. But a Collins Cup in Marrakesh hasn’t been confirmed. As soon as we have races confirmed, we’ll announce them,” a PTO spokesperson confirmed.

The PTO has been under the gun to get the final two races on the 2023 Tour announced – so far they’ve confirmed the Asian Open in Singapore and the US Open in Milwaukee. We’re waiting to hear where and when the European Open will be, and now, it would seem, confirmation on the Collins Cup venue and date.

Last week we announced that the PTO Canadian Open won’t be happening in 2023, but organizers remain hopeful the event will return to the Tour schedule in 2024.