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Ironman World Champ’s Custom Painted Cervelo P5



04 FreddyCustomP5_3_4angle_FinalIronman World Champion Frederik Van Lierde will be debuting his custom-painted Cervélo P5 on Sunday May 18th, at Ironman 70.3 Aix en Provence. This special edition paint job is courtesy of Cervélo lead designer Tom Briggs.

“Creating a custom P5 for a World Champion was both interesting and challenging on a number of levels,” Briggs explained. “First the bike needed to be personal, reflecting Frederik himself and his driving motivations. Secondly it needed to retain Cervélo’s brand characteristics while also pushing the bike graphically outside of our model line to create something completely unique. Finally it had to evoke a feeling of speed. Speed is an inherent characteristic of the Cervélo brand, and something I wanted to show in relation to our world champion.”

The Ironman World Champion was personally involved in the design process, Briggs said.

“After back-and-forth sessions with Frederik I was able to distill that his driving motivation was his family. His two sons, Aaron and Simon, along with his wife Sofie, were clearly the most important elements in his life so including them on the bike was crucial. Frederik is also a living embodiment of an athlete pushing personal limits in the quest for speed through technology.”

01 FreddyCustomP5_TopTube_Name_Final

Van Lierde is thrilled at the final product.” A personalized P5 is close to unreal for me– I never thought this could happen!” said Van Lierde. “I had a great time when I rode it for the first time for 82km and, I look forward to racing it for the first time on Sunday. Thanks, Cervélo!”

In addition to the custom bike’s pixelated look, distinctive colour, Van Lierde’s name is painted on either side of top tube as is theIronman World Champion badge. The Belgian flag appears on rear of the seat tube and the names of his two sons appears on inside of fork blades. His wife’s name Sofie appears on inside of seat tube cutout.

05 FreddyCustomP5_with Freddy_Final