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Ironman World Championships Preview

Canadians will be led by Wurtele, Alldritt, and Neill. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter on race day.

Arguably the biggest day in the sport of triathlon, the Ironman World Championships is set to go this Saturday in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Heather Wurtele, Miranda Alldritt, and Mike Neill will fly Canada’s flag in the professional field.

Chris McCormack, on a quest to make the Australian Olympic Triathlon team, will not be back to defend his title although he is in Kona to be part of the TV/Online video coverage. Fellow Aussie Craig Alexander the previous two-time champion now has the pre-race favourite tag on his back and will face a stiff challenge from large gathering of top notch professional men. Check out the list of professional men below.


1 Craig Alexander M 38 MPRO AUS

2 Raynard Tissink M 38 MPRO RSA

3 Timothy O’Donnell M 31 MPRO USA

4 Eneko Llanos M 35 MPRO ESP

5 Faris Al-Sultan M 33 MPRO GER

6 Marino Vanhoenacker M 35 MPRO BEL

7 Jan Raphael M 31 MPRO GER

8 Luke Bell M 32 MPRO AUS

9 Timo Bracht M 36 MPRO GER

10 Andreas Raelert M 35 MPRO GER

11 Pete Jacobs M 30 MPRO AUS

12 Jozsef Major M 32 MPRO HUN

13 Mathias Hecht M 31 MPRO SUI

14 Cameron Brown M 39 MPRO NZL

15 Frederik Van Lierde M 32 MPRO BEL

16 Petr Vabrousek M 38 MPRO CZE

17 Ronnie Schildknecht M 32 MPRO SUI

18 Maik Twelsiek M 31 MPRO GER

19 Luke McKenzie M 30 MPRO AUS

20 Ben Hoffman M 28 MPRO USA

21 Michael Weiss M 30 MPRO AUT

22 T.J. Tollakson M 31 MPRO USA

23 Patrick Vernay M 38 MPRO FRA

24 Axel Zeebroek M 33 MPRO BEL

25 Chris Lieto M 39 MPRO USA

26 Tom Lowe M 33 MPRO GBR

27 Rasmus Henning M 36 MPRO DEN

28 Torsten Abel M 37 MPRO GER

29 Andy Potts M 35 MPRO USA

30 Balazs Csoke M 28 MPRO HUN

31 Andi Boecherer M 28 MPRO GER

32 Sergio Marques M 31 MPRO POR

33 Dirk Bockel M 35 MPRO LUX

34 Bert Jammaer M 31 MPRO BEL

35 Michael Lovato M 38 MPRO USA

36 Michael Goehner M 31 MPRO GER

37 Mike Schifferle M 38 MPRO SUI

38 Joe Gambles M 29 MPRO AUS

39 Matthew Russell M 28 MPRO USA

40 Cyril Viennot M 29 MPRO FRA

41 Matty White M 34 MPRO AUS

42 Paul Amey M 38 MPRO GBR

43 Daniel Fontana M 36 MPRO ITA

44 Mike Aigroz M 33 MPRO SUI

45 Mike Neill M 39 MPRO CAN

46 Georg Potrebitsch M 27 MPRO GER

47 Ian Mikelson M 31 MPRO USA

48 Matty Reed M 36 MPRO USA

49 Marko Albert M 32 MPRO EST

50 Courtney Ogden M 39 MPRO AUS

51 Hiroyuki Nishiuchi M 36 MPRO JPN

Australia’s Mirinda Carfrae is back to defend her title, but Great Britain’s Chrissie Wellington is also back and hungry to re-claim the title she was unable to defend last year after pulling out of the World Championships on race morning due to illness. Wellington did suffer a bike crash less than two weeks ago so we will have to wait and see if any issues arise from that incident. Check out the list of professional women below.


101 Mirinda Carfrae F 30 FPRO AUS

102 Chrissie Wellington F 34 FPRO GBR

103 Caroline Steffen F 33 FPRO SUI

104 Yvonne Van Vlerken F 33 FPRO NED

105 Karin Thuerig F 39 FPRO SUI

106 Tyler Stewart F 33 FPRO USA

107 Leanda Cave F 33 FPRO GBR

108 Julie Dibens F 36 FPRO GBR

109 Heleen Bij De Vaate F 37 FPRO NED

110 Kelly Williamson F 34 FPRO USA

111 Amy Marsh F 34 FPRO USA

112 Rachel Joyce F 33 FPRO GBR

113 Sonja Tajsich F 36 FPRO GER

114 Catriona Morrison F 34 FPRO GBR

115 Silvia Felt F 34 FPRO GER

116 Heather Wurtele F 32 FPRO CAN

117 Virginia Berasategui F 36 FPRO ESP

118 Tine Deckers F 33 FPRO BEL

119 Lucie Zelenkova F 37 FPRO CZE

120 Sofie Goos F 31 FPRO BEL

121 Kate Bevilaqua F 34 FPRO AUS

122 Kim Loeffler F 39 FPRO USA

123 Caitlin Snow F 29 FPRO USA

124 Linsey Corbin F 30 FPRO USA

125 Amanda Stevens F 34 FPRO USA

126 Samantha Warriner F 40 FPRO NZL

127 Uli Bromme F 30 FPRO USA

128 Mary Beth Ellis F 34 FPRO USA

129 Maki Nishiuchi F 36 FPRO JPN

130 Miranda Alldritt F 34 FPRO CAN

131 Jackie Arendt F 27 FPRO USA

132 Joanna Lawn F 38 FPRO NZL

133 Natascha Badmann F 45 FPRO SUI

Race week coverage has already begun on https://kona.ironmanlive.com

Live race coverage (video, and text) will commence on Saturday at the same site.

Universal Sports will also have live video coverage on race day.

* If you are stuck at a wedding or other function where you cannot access the online live video or text coverage, you are in luck if your mobile phone has a Facebook or Twitter application.

Just like last year, we will provide periodic race updates via our Facebook page and Twitter page. Feel free to interact with us on race day or anytime during the year.