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Ironman World Championship Preview

All eyes of the triathlon world will be focused on the Ironman World Championship taking place this coming Saturday October 12.

The race week buzz is in full swing in Kona and here is a glimpse of some of the action in the water.

So who will win?

Will the defending champions (Pete Jacobs and Leanda Cave) hold on to their titles? Can Craig Alexander take his 4th Ironman World Title at the age of 40? Can Sebastian Kienle ride away from the rest of the field and hold everyone off? How will Canadians Heather Wurtele and Sara Gross do? Can Andreas Raelert finally rise to the top? Will we see some surprises?

With such a competitive field, anything can happen.

We all have our opinions and our favourites, but we hope you will join the discussion at our Facebook page and tell us who you think will pull off the win.

Pro Men

Pete Jacobs
Bas Diederen
Luke Bell
Jimmy Johnsen
Bevan Docherty
Faris Al-Sultan
Petr Vabrousek
Brandon Marsh
Ronnie Schildknecht
Sebastian Kienle
Matthew Russell
Bert Jammaer
Jan Raphael
Axel Zeebroek
Mike Schifferle
Timo Bracht
Per Bittner
Dominik Berger
Stefan Schmid
Jordan Rapp
Eneko Llanos
Paul Amey
David Plese
David Dellow
Ivan Rana
Horst Reichel
Daniel Halksworth
Andi Boecherer
Igor Amorelli
Pedro Gomes
Christian Ritter
Andreas Raelert
Maxim Kriat
Cyril Viennot
Ben Hoffman
TJ Tollakson
Tyler Butterfield
Thomas Gerlach
Marko Albert
Dirk Bockel
Balazs Csoke
Luke McKenzie
Craig Alexander
Ian Mikelson
Chris Legh
Andrew Starykowicz
Clayton Fettell
Ben Cotter
James Cunnama
Frederik Van Lierde
Tim O’Donnell
Andy Potts
Bart Aernouts


Pro Women

Leanda Cave
Mary Beth Ellis
Caroline Steffen
Gina Crawford
Jodie Swallow
Rebekah Keat
Meredith Kessler
Heather Wurtele
Sonja Tajsich
Mirinda Carfrae
Liz Blatchford
Natascha Badmann
Linsey Corbin
Amanda Stevens
Britta Martin
Yvonne Van Vlerken
Michelle Vesterby
Sofie Goos
Jennie Hansen
Mirjam Weerd
Anja Beranek
Caitlin Snow
Jessie Donavan
Kristin Moeller
Eva Nystrom
Elizabeth Lyles
Mareen Hufe
Anna Ross
Rachel Joyce
Amy Marsh
Ashley Clifford
Sara Gross
Rebecca Hoschke
Kim Schwabenbauer
Haley Chura


There are a number of Canadian Age Groupers in the race. We will be sure to report on any podium performances.

Unfortunately, Cambridge’s Naomi Cermak, who earned a spot to race in the big show via the Kona Inspired contest, will not make it to Kona as she is still battling stage IV cancer.

This has not stopped Naomi from fighting to raise funds for her charity. She tweeted (@cermaknm) this on Monday:

“I’m missing Kona but I’m still pushing for my #konainspired charity. ~$1000 & then it’s $12000 for melanoma research https://goo.gl/4LnxSS

Follow race week coverage here and on Ironman.com, culminating with live race day coverage on Saturday October 12 at 6 am Hawaii Standard Time (HST).