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Ironman Western Australia Results

Ogden and Bevilaqua win their first IMWA titles.

After changing his plan to race at Ironman 70.3 Phuket (taking place today), Australia’s Courtney Ogden captured his second career title (also a winner of Ironman Malaysia in 2005) today at Ironman Western Australia. Sixth out of the water (49:05), Ogden biked 4:28:52 to move up into second, then ran a 2:52:53 marathon to make up the 2:11 gap that fellow Australian Luke Bell took unto to the run, to win in 8:14:01. Matty White (AUS) has the day’s best run (2:51:54) to move up into second (8:18:06), and Pete Jacobs (AUS) also ran strong to get third (8:21:16). Bell fell back into fourth (8:21:33). Ogden will race another iron distance event at Challenge Wanaka on January 15.

On the women’s side, Fellow Aussie Kate Bevilaqua won her first career Ironman title after a slow start. Bevilaqua swam 1:01:43, then rode 4:53:53 to get to the front, taking a 26 second lead onto the run just ahead of Rebekah Keat (AUS). Her 3:20:42 women’s best marathon allowed her to win the duel with Keat (who ran 3:23:22) to take the win in 9:19:44. Keat crossed the line in 9:22:37, followed by another Australian Amelia Pearson (9:36:52).

Calgary’s Paul Weevers, 51, was the first Canadian across the line (10:17:02).

Top 10 Men

1. OGDEN, Courtney (AUS)  8:14:01

2. WHITE, Matty (AUS)  8:18:06

3. JACOBS, Pete (AUS)  8:21:16

4. BELL, Luke (AUS)  8:21:33

5. VERNAY, Patrick (NC)  8:23:22

6. HOTCHKISS, Jonathan (UK)  8:31:02

7. NEYEDLI, Scott (SCO)  8:34:45

8. HUME, Sam (AUS)  8:39:21  *M35-39

9. BILLEAU, Simon (NC)  8:40:37

10. DODD, Paul (AUS)  8:45:57  *M35-39

Top 10 Women

1. BEVILAQUA, Kate (AUS)  9:19:44

2. KEAT, Rebekah (AUS)  9:22:37

3. PEARSON, Amelia (AUS)  9:36:52

4. MOLLOY, Kirsten (AUS)  9:47:47

5. FLEMING, Jessica (AUS)  9:49:41  *W35-39

6. BOYES, Michelle (AUS)  9:51:05  *W40-44

7. DILLON, Jasmin (AUS)  10:12:26  *W25-29

8. WALKER, Sarah (NZL)  10:18:28  *W40-44

9. GANNON, Dimity (AUS)  10:19:45  *W25-29

10. TRIGG, Michaella (NZL)  10:21:48  *W40-44