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Ironman US Championship Preview

Saturday August 11 in New York City. Contrary to earlier reports, the swim is not cancelled.

With $125 000 US, and 4000 Kona ranking points on the line (one of three such races and only Kona offers more points to the winners) the professional field for this Saturday’s Ironman US Championship is packed with talent.

Athletes will complete a 2.4-mile swim in the Hudson River, a 112-mile bike ride on the Palisades Parkway in Bergen and Rockland Counties, and a 26.2-mile run beginning in New Jersey and finishing in Riverside Park in Manhattan.

There is the possibility that the swim will be cancelled due to water contamination – reported in the New York Times.

On Friday afternoon, race officials announced that the swim is on:

We are excited to announce that we will proceed with the 2.4-mile swim in the Hudson River during tomorrow’s inaugural Aquadraat Sports IRONMAN U.S. Championship. After a sewer line break in Tarrytown, New York, our team worked diligently with local environmental and health departments to monitor and thoroughly test the water. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection tested the water following the break and the reports show the water is safe for swimming. Additionally, Westchester County Department of Health has announced its water-quality advisory for the Hudson River will be lifted as of 11 p.m. today (Friday August 10).
Ironman.com will have live coverage. Check out the list of professional competitors below:

Men Women
1 Jordan Rapp  USA

2 Michael Lovato  USA

3 Maik Twelsiek  GER

5 Paul Ambrose  AUS

6 Jozsef Major  HUN

7 Chris McDonald  AUS

8 Bryan Rhodes NZL

9 TJ Tollakson  USA

10 Pedro Gomes  PRT

11 Jason Shortis  AUS

12 Luke Bell  AUS

13 Maxim Kriat  UKR

14 Bert Jammaer  BEL

15 Trevor Wurtele  CAN

16 Philip Graves  GBR

19 Kevin Taddonio USA

20 Marcel Bischof  GER

21 Michael Wetzel  GER

22 Mike Schifferle  SUI

23 Daniel Müller  GER

24 Timothy Marr  USA

25 Lewis Elliot  USA

27 Rich Allen  GBR

28 Hiroyuki Nishiuchi  JPN

30 Raymond Botelho  USA

31 Todd Israel  AUS

32 Peter Kotland  USA

33 Matjaz Kovac  SVN

34 Brendan Halpin  USA

35 Sergio Quezada  MEX

36 Jose Jeuland FRA

37 Douglas MacLean  USA

38 Juha Laitinen  FIN

39 Brandon Jessop  USA

40 A. Santamaria  ESP

41 Ivan Rana  ESP

42 Markus Thomschke  GER

43 Mathias Hecht  SUI

44 Christian Brader  GER

50 Mary Beth Ellis  USA

52 Amy Marsh  USA

53 Dede Griesbauer  USA

54 Heleen bij de Vaate  NLD

55 Heather Gollnick  USA

56 MiSUIlle Mitchell  AUS

57 Lucie Zelenkova  CZE

58 Tamara Kozulina  UKR

59 Christie Sym  AUS

60 Sara Gross  CAN

61 Jessie Donavan  USA

62 Fernanda Keller  BRA

63 Meghan Newcomer  USA

64 Michelle Bremer  NZL

65 Maki Nishiuchi  JPN

66 Nina Pekerman  ISR

67 Kristin Andrews USA

68 Jacqui Gordon  USA

69 Laurel Wassner  USA

70 Kate Bevilaqua  AUS

71 Haley Cooper-Scott  USA

72 Mareen Hufe  GER

73 Anne Basso  FRA

74 Rebekah Keat  AUS

75 Hillary Biscay  USA