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Ironman Switzerland Results

Schildknecht and Thurig win.

The Swiss pair of Ronnie Schildknecht and Karin Thürig won Ironman Switzerland today.

Trailing all day, Schildknecht won his fifth title in a row by passing countryman Mathias Hecht during the run to win in 8:19:51.

As expected, Thürig rode into the lead with the top split of 4:51:19. However, she also posted the top run of the day (3:06:41) to take the overall women’s win in 9:03:26 and her third Ironman Switzerland title.

Richard Tout of Kincardine, Ontario, placed second in the men 60-64 categry (11:16:11).


1 Schildknecht, Ronnie   8:19:51

2 Alonso-Mckernan, Clemente  8:27:56

3 Hecht, Mathias  8:30:26

4 Viennot, Cyril  8:36:02

5 Aigroz, Mike  8:38:21


1 Thürig, Karin   9:03:26

2 Marsh, Amy  9:11:36

3 Csomor, Erika  9:36:59

4 Rohrbach, Regula  9:42:18

5 Patt, Sandra  10:08:46

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