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Ironman New Zealand goes this Saturday March 5th

The first race of the Ironman race calendar.

The 27th Ironman New Zealand kicks off the Ironman race calendar this Saturday in Taupo, New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Cameron Brown will attempt to get his tenth title, while Joanna Lawn will try to get her eighth at the event.

However, their job will not be easy. Especially with athletes like Mirinda Carfrae – the reigning Ironman World Champion, Samantha Warriner, Terenzo Bozzone, Keegan Williams, and Canada’s Scott Curry in the field.

Ironman.com will have live coverage.

The Women’s and Men’s Professional start list is below.


Amanda BALDING                        Australia

Belinda HARPER                        New Zealand

Britta MARTIN                        New Zealand

Desiree FICKER                        United States

Hannah LAWRENCE            New Zealand

Jo CARREL                                    New Zealand

Joanna CARRITT                        United Kingdom

Joanna LAWN                        New Zealand

Kate BEVILAQUA                        Australia

Kirsten MOLLOY                        Australia

Laura-Clare WHELAN            New Zealand

Maki NISHIUCHI                        Japan

Michelle BREMER                        New Zealand

Michelle MITCHELL                        Australia

Mirinda CARFRAE                        Australia

Renee LANE                                    Australia

Samantha WARRINER            New Zealand

Sarah POLLETT                        Australia


Brent FOSTER                        New Zealand

Cameron BROWN                        New Zealand

Gavin SCOTT                        Australia

Heinrich SICKL                        Austria

Hiroyuki NISHIUCHI            Japan

James BOWSTEAD                        New Zealand

John CAREY                                    Australia

Keegan WILLIAMS                        New Zealand

Kerry WEEKS                        New Zealand

Mathias HECHT                        Switzerland

Matt BURGESS                        New Zealand

Petr VABROUSEK                        Czech Republic

Rich MUNRO                        Australia

Scott CURRY                        Canada

Scott MCGREGOR                        New Zealand

Terenzo BOZZONE                        New Zealand

Tuukka MIETTINEN                        Finland