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Ironman Lanzarote Results

Bracht and Joyce win.

Germany’s Timo Bracht and Great Britain’s Rachel Joyce took home wins today at Ironman Lanzarote.

Germany’s Konstantin Bachor led the swim (46:31) and bike (4:47:28) but that didn’t matter much in the overall picture. Bracht ran the best marathon (2:47:20) to overtake Bachor and win (8:30:44) by over 13 minutes. He also beat the previous course record (8:35:40) set by Thomas Hellriegel (GER) in 1995. Bachor finished second (8:44:06) and Denmark’s Esben Hovgaard picked up third (8:54:38).

Second in 2009, Joyce led by a little over six minutes heading out on the run, and simply added to that lead during course of the marathon. She crossed the finish (9:28:12) over 15 minutes ahead of Switzerland’s Natascha Badmann (9:43:40), and Denmark’s Karina Ottosen finished further back in third (10:10:15).


1 Timo Bracht GER  8:30:34
2 Konstantin Bachor GER  8:44:06
3 Esben Hovgaard DEN  8:54:38
4 Joel Jameson GBR PRO  9:01:49
5 Nicholas Peter Ward Muñoz GBR  9:02:45


1 Rachel Joyce GBR  9:28:12
2 Natascha Badmann SUI  9:43:40
3 Karina Ottosen DEN  10:10:15
4 Heidi Jesberger GER  10:28:33
5 Emma Ruth Smith GBR  10:31:08