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Ironman Foundation-Newton Running Ambassador Triathlon Team members announced

Three Canadians are selected.

The Ironman Foundation and Newton Running announced the selection of the 2013 Ironman Foundation-Newton Running Ambassador Triathlon Team. In addition to the announcement of the team, several key sponsors stepped up to support the team and its mission of corporate and social responsibility while giving back to the Ironman® triathlon communities across the country.

The inaugural team, which will begin its 2013 season at Ironman Lake Placid, comprises a diverse group of athletes including three former professional athletes, who have since made the jump to triathlon: Eric Byrnes – former MLB player, Don Davey – former NFL player and Ian Laperriere – former NHL player. Other notable team members include Thad Beaty – guitarist of the Grammy Award winning country music band Sugarland, and 2012 Kona InspiredTM athlete, Shay Eskew.

The Ironman Foundation-Newton Running Ambassador Team will also include the backing from a solid group of sponsors. Team sponsors include SUGOI, Shimano, FuelBelt, Training Peaks, Multisports Coaching, Headsweats, TriBike Transport, GU Energy Labs, Degree, Retül, FLO Cycling, 110% Compression and Justin’s Nut Butter.

All 43 athletes will compete throughout the year in different Ironman events and support the mission of both The Ironman Foundation and Newton Running by giving back through a variety of community service projects in the cities where Ironman events are held.

Below are the athletes confirmed for The Ironman Foundation-Newton Running Ambassador Triathlon Team. Three Canadians are on the Team:

Alessandra Battig, Woodland, CA

Thad Beaty, Franklin, TN

Melissa Bowman Li, Northbrook, IL

Eric Byrnes, Half Moon Bay, CA

Larkin Carter, Jackson, MS

Ian Charles, Tiburon, CA

Ken Chin, Chicago, IL

Nicole Clark, Lafayette, CO

Diana Cohen, Columbia, CN

Stephanie Crocker, Vancouver, BC

Don Davey, Neptune Beach, FL

Doreen DeRoss, Lakewood, CO

Cary Epstein, Hewlett, NY

Shay Eskew, Franklin, TN

Daniel Giblin, Rochester, NY

Bobbe Greenberg, Highland, IL

Meghan Henry, Tampa, FL

Tim Kehoe, North Chesterfield, VA

Jessica Koelsch, Palm Harbor, FL

Elizabeth Kollar, St. Petersburg, FL

Ian Laperriere, Philadelphia, PA

Christi Leong, Fort Collins, CO

David Levine, Berkeley, CA

Johnny Little, Port Jervis, NY

Erica McMclurg, Scottsdale, AZ

Keats McGonigal, Bend, OR

Stephanie Middleton, Hingham, MA

Nicole Nicolay, Livermore, CA

Aldo Ocampo, Mexico, DF

Erin Parker, Provo, UT

Diane Peterson, Hawthorn Woods, IL

Justin Poitras-George, Ottawa, ON

John Ratzan, New York, NY

Jeff Savage, Victoria, BC

Ed Shifflett, Swarthmore, PA

Pam Shuckies, Boulder, CO

Megan Suhonen, Stanwood, MI

Khem Suthiwan, Denver, CO

Scott Taylor, Boulder, CO

Hunter Temple, Sante Fe, NM

Nina Thatcher, San Carlos, CA

George Vale, Golden, CO

Julia Wayner, Glastonburg, CT